Maximal Maintenance
for Optimal Performance:

A healthy wind blade makes a healthy turbine, healthy turbines make healthy wind power generation, and the healthy performance ensures the power station is optimally beneficial to all – from the entrepreneur to the end-consumer.


We have specialized expertise in composites repairs, and wide experience in dealing with all types of damages. We can identify and understand the root causes of damage precisely, and provide correct and comprehensive blade repair.

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We do our best to make sure that your turbines and power plant are doing their best through multi-tool inspection regimens, stringent vigilance and time reporting.

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We provide committed, world class services in a comprehensive maintenance & repair package for wind turbine blades.

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We offer timely refurbishment of all critical components of your turbine.

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We use efficient liquid cleaners, and ensure that not even a drop of waste water is left on the site post cleaning.

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We use best-in-class inspection methods. Our wind turbine maintenance service portfolio features Ultrasonic Testing.

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We can provide you a reliable and comprehensive inside view of your wind power station, which will give you the insight to steer your business in the right direction – towards profitability and growth.

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Annual Maintenance Services

Inspection, repair, reporting, cleaning and other minor maintenance jobs.