Together, We Could
Sail On The Winds of Success:

Our service methodology has evolved through many years of frontline experience in the field. And our services are spearheaded by a Technical Director from Germany, with 12 years-plus experience in world class blade service.

With your co-operation, we could help you run your venture smoother and better. We have German Import equipment which are very effective and safe.


  • Inspection:
    • Our inspections are conducted based on the data provided by the customer (major problems / dimension of the Blades). based on this data, immediate action is taken as required.
    • Fresh data provided by Windkraft: During the inspection, fresh data is fetched, evaluated and submitted to the customer, for necessary action.
  • Defect Profile:
    • State-wise: Geography plays an important role when it comes to identifying the type of defect.
    • Area-wise: Defect is also dependent on the area where the Wind Turbine is situated(sea face / near shore, etc).
    • WTG-wise: defect profile depends on WTG as well (Blade length, Turbine type, unbalancing of Wind Turbine Blades, Turbine’s limitations, etc). In short, the Blade is inter-connected to other parts of the Turbine, and therefore, a defect in any part of the Turbine can affect the Blade.
  • Repair Estimates:
    We will take all these parameters in consideration, before offering a solution to your problems. WindKraft can provide following estimates.
    • General (overall) repair cost
    • WTG-wise repair cost(specific to each Wind Turbine)
  • Action Taken & Report:
    After completion of the task, excuted based on the overall examination for repair and cleaning operations, WindKraft will generate a detail report on all the actions taken.