Blade-Caring Based on

Drawing on our vast experience and deep expertise in the Wind Power sector, we offer optimized technical consultancy on Blades – build, performance, et al.


  • We have specialized expertise in composites repairs, and vast experience in dealing with all types of damages. We can identify and understand the root causes of damage precisely, and provide correct and comprehensive blade repair.
  • We provide accurate assessment of damages and expert advisory on whether the Turbine can continue to run. We could also tutor your team on the correct ways to monitor damages.
  • Apart from repairing damages, our expert team could investigate serial defects, if any, and develop a strategy to mitigate the risk pre-emptively.

Germany Technology Tie-up:
We have a long-standing technical tie-up with German experts with 20-plus years of experience in Wind Turbine Blade Services and specialized expertise in enhancement of Wind Turbine Blade performance.