Repair, Prepare, Prosper:

We provide committed, world class services in a comprehensive maintenance & repair package for wind turbine blades.

  • Internal repair
  • External repair
  • World class safety equipment imported from Europe
  • Company-owned, 360-degree access platform imported from Europe for repairs.

We have a long-standing technical tie-up with German experts with 20-plus years of experience in Wind Turbine Blade Services and specialized expertise in enhancement of Wind Turbine Blade performance.


Internal repair of Blades (repair / correction of bonding failure between Shell and Web, de-lamination in Suction Shell or Pressure Shell, Glue Cap detachment, lightning damage).


Weather and wind can affect the surface of Blades and damage the leading edges. We offer optimal repairing solutions to these damages through our German experts (repair / correction of open trailing edges, leading edge failures, lightning damage repairs, structural repairs on Suction Shell or Pressure Shell, etc). Also, window repair with 360-degree platform, infusion repair of Blades at Up-tower and repair of paint peel-offs and surface repair of Blades.