NDT Testing & Thermography:

We use best-in-class inspection methods. Our wind blades maintenance service portfolio features Ultrasonic Testing. Our Level 2 NDT-certified staff can see what hides deep inside the structure and quickly detect hidden structural defects in the blades and various other types of damages that inevitably come with time. Surface inspections are also easy for our teams, as 360degree platform guarantee quick, safe access and stable working conditions. Rest assured, not a single crack, hole, contaminated spot or missing vortex generator can go unnoticed by our team.


Inspection of unviable cracks, de-lamination, wrinkles in the laminates, air in the laminates, tally use for joints and bonding on Web and Shell.


Thermography of Blades to reduce downtime during power generation. Thermography through ground-based camera assists us in inspection of Blade defects, laminate exposure and even small cracks on Blades.

This facilities will available in the future.