In-time inspection & service = increase in efficiency:

Timely blade Cleaning tangibly improves the AEP (annual energy production). Our international work methodology, high safety standards and German expertise (experts based in Germany) ensure the best-in-class services.

Our service teams are GWO-certified and highly experienced. Our human resource and expertise pool have the depth of more than 20 years in Wind Turbine Blade Services. They are assisted by imported, world class safety tools, tackles and other equipment.

We use efficient, eco-friendly liquid chemical cleaners. Using skylifts, our service teams can clean and restore blades quickly and accurately – all, without setting foot on the fragile fibre glass.

360-degrees Access Platform – from Europe:
The 360-degree Access Platform functions like an external elevator, can run up the Wind Turbine Tower and then be secured to the Blade. It enables us to perform complex repairs and maintenance work on Wind Turbine Blades safely and comfortably.